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Overview of the Grand Seiko movement: Spring Drive and Hi-Beat
Replica Grand Seiko entered the watch industry in 1960, driven by Seiko’s strong and determined intention to compete with contemporary Swiss products. The word "Grand" is added to make it self-explanatory. Compared with ordinary Seiko watches, all Grand Seiko watches will be highly upgraded and noble watches. From 1964 to 1967, Grand Seiko participated in the Neuchâtel Observatory test, and its movement was tested and ranked by the Neuchâtel Observatory. In just 3 years, the Grand Seiko movement has jumped from hundreds to the top 10. Since then, Grand Seiko has never stopped breaking the boundaries of watch innovation and design, while respecting its tradition, tradition and pursuit of perfection. Their Spring Drive and Hi-Beat sports perfectly reflect their growth and philosophy.
Mention Grand Seiko to any watch fan today. One of the first things they will think of is the revolutionary Spring Drive movement. In fact, Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive is unique to Grand Seiko, and has been completely integrated into the brand identity, almost becoming synonymous with the brand. Spring Drive only came out with SNR003 in 2005, although it was conceived in 1977 by Yoshikazu Akabane, the father of Spring Drive. The fact that it took nearly 3 years to produce this movement proves the complexity of its technology. Spring Drive is an 80% mechanical and 20% quartz hybrid movement. It is designed to combine mechanical performance with the accuracy of quartz watches without the need for batteries. This is achieved through their three-synchronous regulator, which is equipped with a quartz crystal to regulate the loosening of the mainspring of the watch. The result is the elegant and buttery smooth sliding movement of the second hand, with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 seconds per day. This is much better than the chronometer movement, which has an accuracy of +6/-4 seconds per day. Unlike traditional mechanical movements, the jitter of the second hand cannot be seen with the naked Richard mille RM 032
Today, Spring Drive can be found in many Grand Seiko watches, the most popular of which can be said to be SBGA211, which is nicknamed Snowflake because the dial resembles a snowflake. The blue heated second hand sliding on the dial creates a very hypnotic and peaceful experience. In this case, the Spring Drive movement helps to tell and complete the narrative of the watch, because we see that the beauty of the Spring Drive movement is inferred from the design of the watch itself, highlighting the Grand Seiko watchmaker’s appreciation of this machine. Core is extremely proud. Purists will definitely find that Spring Drive is polarized. However, since Seiko was the first brand to produce the first quartz watch in 1969, Seiko Astron, I think they are right to continue to innovate and take quartz to a whole new level.
Although purists will feel divided by Spring Drive, there is no doubt that they will be attracted by Grand Seiko’s highly regarded Hi-beat mechanical movement. Compared with the industry average of 28,800 BPH, these sports beating at a very high frequency of 36,000 BPH. A higher beat rate allows for higher accuracy and precision. However, it may hinder the life of the watch and adversely affect its power reserve. Grand Seiko’s 10-beat movement has a 55-hour power reserve and an accuracy of +5/-3 seconds per day, which can solve these problems, thus incorporating the 9S85 movement into many of its high-end high-beat models, such as replica watches
Grand Seiko is also famous for its quartz. As mentioned earlier, Seiko produced the world’s first quartz watch Seiko Astron in 1969. During the quartz crisis in the late 20th century, Seiko also almost single-handedly destroyed its mechanical competition. The Grand Seiko Quartz 9F movement is almost unparalleled in Quartz, after all, it is the father of the Quartz movement. In terms of construction and accuracy, it far exceeds the competition.
First of all, the 9F Quartz movement has an anti-backlash system that allows the second hand to accurately hit the minute mark without deviating slightly. It also eliminates the vibration and wobble of the second hand that you see in every tick in other Quartz sports.

Secondly, Grand Seiko Quartz is very accurate, compared to other contemporary quartz movements, because they are rated for 10 seconds per year, while the industry standard is 15 seconds per month. This is because they have a built-in temperature compensation function, which helps to check the temperature error during the day, and then compensate, thereby eliminating the adverse effect of temperature on the men watches
In addition, Grand Seiko Quartz are all developed in-house, which means that they have a large degree of control in choosing the best quality quartz watches for their movements. The Grand Seiko Quartz movement shows that even a movement that is considered low-priced and mass-produced can be upgraded to a certain degree of luxury and the highest quality.
In addition to the movement, Grand Seiko also brought many attractive oriental watchmaking techniques to the watch industry, especially the Zaratsu finish on all its cases, hands, bracelets and hour markers. Zaratsu is a blade polishing technology that dates back hundreds of centuries and provides a spectacular mirror effect on its polished surface. These finishes are done by only a few craftsmen, making Grand Seiko watches more attractive. In addition, Grand Seiko is known for producing unique and outstanding dial works. Grand Seiko has a glorious history and the highest standard of watches, no wonder it is loved by many people.Replica Urwerk UR-110 Bakelite

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